Create a Dreamy Effect

Create a Dreamy Effect

This will be a very simple and straight forward tutorial, to add a dreamy, fantasy-like effect to your photos. Your background in the photo will be blurred, while the main object stays clear and sharp, shifting the focus to it.


The first step is to get your photograph ready in Photoshop. You can drag it into Photoshop or just go to File > Open > your photo.

This tutorial was done on Adobe Photoshop CS5. Other versions may vary slightly.

Step 1

Say hi to Nick in the picture! Ok, let’s start. Duplicate your photo by pressing Ctr+J (Cmd+J) or right-click > Duplicate Layer.


Step 2

With the duplicated layer selected, apply a Gaussian Blur filter to it. Go to Menu Bar: Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. For the radius I used 30 pixels, but it’s totally up to you how blurred you want your photo to be.


Step 3

Select the Eraser Tool, and set the opacity and flow to both 20%.


Step 4

Simply erase over the parts you want to reveal, which in this case, is the guy. Adjust your brush size accordingly to your preference.

You should get something like this!